Class Timetable

Pilates Class Timetable

We offer a flexible approach to Pilates classes so if you don’t see a class below which suits you then please contact Clare.  The classes below marked ‘All Levels’ are suitable for all ages and abilities, if you would like to join one of the specialised classes (e.g. Pilates for Pregnancy), please contact Clare to find out availability.

Monday8.45amAll Levels Clare
Monday9.45amAll LevelsClare
Monday10.45amAll LevelsClare
Monday12.00pmAll LevelsWayne
Monday7.45pmAll LevelsClare
Tuesday11.30pmAll LevelsWayne
Tuesday12.30pmAll LevelsWayne
Wednesday 10.00amAll LevelsRita
Wednesday 11.00amAll LevelsRita
Wednesday 12.00pmAll LevelsRita
Wednesday 1.00pmAll LevelsRita
Wednesday 6.00pmAll LevelsRita
Wednesday 7.00pmAll LevelsRita
Thursday 8.45amAll Levels Clare
Thursday9.45amAll LevelsClare
Thursday10.45amAll LevelsClare
Thursday12.00pmAll LevelsClare
Thursday6.30pmAll LevelsRita
Thursday7.30pmAll LevelsRita
Friday8.30amAll LevelsClare
Friday9.30amAll levelsClare
Friday10.30pmAll levelsClare
Friday11.30amAll levelsClare
Friday1.00pmAll levelsRita
Saturday 8.00amAll levelsRita
Saturday 9.00amAll levels Clare
Saturday 9.30amAll levels Clare
Saturday 10.30amAll levels Clare
Saturday 11.45amAll levels Wayne
Saturday 12.45pmAll levels Wayne

For more information on class options, click here.