Clare Axon-Saunders

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Clare Axon-Saunders, Pilates Instructor

About Clare Axon-Saunders

In the Log Cabin belongs to Clare Axon-Saunders and all the classes are taken by her.  Clare began taking Pilates classes in the hope that it would improve her horse riding (it did!), she quickly started to see and feel the benefits of regular Pilates exercise and attended classes as often as she could.  Eventually she embarked on a year long apprenticeship with renowned Pilates and Yoga Instructor Liz Kaloczi.  During this time she attended daily Pilates sessions where she participated, observed and assisted with the classes.  Since finishing her apprenticeship she continued to teach at other studios, gaining precious experience from other teachers and clients.  Clare is now an experienced and intuitive teacher and is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals.

Liz recently said about Clare:

Clare was a  very ambitious and studious student, committed & always had a smile on her face. After taking an apprenticeship for 12 months, Clare has now opened her own studio. She is loved by her clients, is a very caring & sociable teacher who is always looking to develop her knowledge. I am very proud to have taught Clare the fit from within Pilates method, and wish her the very best for her future as a Pilates teacher.

Clare is not only fully qualified to teach all mat work but she is also qualified to teach on all the other Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel.  She continues to develop her training and skills, keeping updated with the latest Pilates concepts and continuing to train with other experienced instructors.

Clare is now having lessons with highly regarded Pilates trainer Andrea Maida.

Clare’s Pilates classes are recommended by Physiotherapists and Osteopaths and clients are often referred to her to help with back pain and core strength.  Clare is always happy to speak with a clients medical practitioner, osteopath, etc to discuss any specific exercises or problems that need to be worked on in a particular way.

In her spare time Clare is a keen horse rider.  She sees her horse twice a day and rides daily, training him in dressage to an advanced level. She is also a keen yogi, practising Ashtanga yoga and additionally practises pole dancing. Clare has an Italian greyhound who keeps her busy and a husband who she sometimes gets to see!