Reformer Classes

pilates reformer in the log cabin

A Pilates Reformer in action

Clare is now able to offer one to one personal Reformer classes.  The Pilates Reformer classes are challenging and fun and can be either 30 minutes or 1 hour long.  30 minute training sessions are perfect for doing in your lunchbreak or are suitable for those just returning to fitness.

At In the Log Cabin, Clare’s skilled eye will ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and you will therefore notice the benefits more quickly.  There is no hiding place during a one to one and Clare will make sure that you are using the muscles as you should do – no cheating!

Reformer Pilates was originally used to break down the flowing movements of the mat work to strengthen an individual and get them to a level to which they can do the mat work effectively.  There are many hundreds of exercises for the reformer and generally speaking will work more parts of the body at once compared with the original classical mat work repertoire.

If you want to see great results quickly, Personal Reformer training sessions are highly recommended!

One hour Personal Reformer session: £45

30 minute Personal Reformer session: £25

Contact Clare to arrange a mutually convenient time.