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Group Classes

Our group classes have a maximum of only four people per class.  With such a good teacher/pupil ratio you will see and feel the benefits of Pilates very quickly.

We will always ensure that you are in a class suitable for your level and requirements.  This means you won’t have to worry about not being able to keep up or not feeling challenged enough.  The exercises themselves will not vary hugely between the levels however they will be adapted to suit your requirements.  Adaptions come in the shape of small equipment to provide support and modifications of the exercises

private class

Private & Semi Private Classes

One to one sessions are ideal for clients who prefer to work exclusively with their Pilates teacher. These classes will give greater progression from session to session and are highly recommended for clients who are recovering from injuries or suffering from any physical conditions.

Not everyone wants to come to a group class and not everyone enjoys the intensity of a one to one session.  Most of us feel more confident about doing something new when a good friend is there.  This is where our Semi Private classes are a good option.  With a semi private Pilates class, you and a friend can come along together at a mutually convenient time and experience the benefits of Pilates with the added luxury of spending time with your buddy!

Tailored just for you

All of our classes are designed to suit you.  Many people suffer similar issues such as neck or shoulder pain, lower back pain or tight hamstrings.  Whatever your individual needs are they will be addressed in class and exercises will be included to help you.

How to Book

At the moment the best way to book is to contact the office so we can discuss your requirements and arrange the best time for your induction.

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