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Clare Axon-Saunders

Clare Axon-Saunders

Principal Pilates Teacher

Clare is the proprietor and lead instructor at In the Log Cabin. Clare began taking Pilates classes in 2009 in the hope that it would improve her horse riding (it did!). She quickly started to see and feel the benefits of regular Pilates exercise both on and off her horse, and attended classes as often as she could.  After completing a year long apprenticeship in contemporary Stott based Pilates, Clare is now an experienced and intuitive teacher who is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals. After continuing her training Clare found Classical Pilates and felt that all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly came together and the whole Pilates System made sense! Now Clare mostly teaches Classical Pilates, staying close to the original teachings of Pilates whilst staying up to date with best practises. Her special interest is Pilates for horse riders due to the huge benefits she has seen.

Clare is fully qualified to teach all mat work and Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Ladder Barrel to name a few.  She continues to develop her training and skills, keeping updated with the latest Pilates concepts and continuing to train with other experienced instructors across the world, including Andrea Maida and Clare Dunphy Hemani.

Everyone agrees that Clare has an eagle eye for detail! Her classes are challenging and progressive and she will always do her very best to help you. You will learn at a pace suitable for you and be supported throughout your Pilates journey. Clare’s classes are often filled with laughter as she believes working hard should also be fun! Her kind manner and style of teaching ensures her classes are always very popular. 

Clare’s Pilates classes are recommended by Physiotherapists and Osteopaths and clients are often referred to her to help with back pain and core strength.  Clare is always happy to speak with a clients medical practitioner, osteopath, etc to discuss any specific exercises or problems that need to be worked on in a particular way.

Clare sees her horses twice a day and rides regularly, training them in dressage to an advanced level. She is also a keen yogi, practising Ashtanga yoga and additionally practises pole dancing. Clare has an Italian greyhound who keeps her busy and a husband who she sometimes gets to see!

Clair Sawtell

Clair Sawtell

Pilates Teacher

Clair first found Pilates a following a back injury and attended regular classes as a client for many years. As a former gymnast, Clair loved how Pilates felt in her body and after having children decided to pursue her passion and embarked on a career change from TV producer to Pilates teacher.
Clair’s initial training was with Stott Pilates in 2014 and then in 2018  she embarked on further training at Pi studios in Battersea and completed full comprehensive classical training across all the Pilates apparatus.
Clair is also pre & postnatal trained with Carolyn Anthony at The Center for Women’s Fitness.
Clair’s love for Pilates is obvious in her classes which are fun and challenging. You will be sure to feel the full benefits from Pilates with her classes!
Rufina Hardy

Rufina Hardy

Pilates Teacher

Rufina has been passionate about Pilates for a long time. It wasn’t until she came to the UK in 2015 that she decided to take a Matwork course at Pi Studio in Battersea.

After she had her first daughter she took the full comprehensive classical Pilates training course, and following a year’s apprenticeship, completed the course in December 2019.

Rufina is also trained to teach pre/postnatal classes having qualified with Carolyne Anthony at the Center for Women’s health.
In 2021, Rufina had her second daughter, and it was then she noticed how different her body was and how her pregnancy was compared to her first. Though she had a very straightforward pregnancy with her first daughter, she was stronger and leaner with the second one. And much to her surprise, her body recovered much quicker and bounced back within a few months.
Thanks to Classical Pilates, now in her 40s, she feels happier, fitter and healthier, more coordinated and focused both physically and mentally, than when she was younger.
Amanda Ling

Amanda Ling

Pilates & Barre Teacher

Amanda is a very experienced teacher who has trained with The Pilates Institute, Stott, Future Fit , Drummond, The Pilates Place and MK Pilates.

She teaches Pilates Mat and studio equipment classes , Barre, Yoga and Hot Yoga.

Her background is in theatre and dance and she continues to teach dance and drama for Stagecoach as well as directing and choreographing musical theatre.

Amanda teaches pilates and yoga at HABS girls school and works for local gyms and studios.

Her classes are fun and energising!

Wayne Starkey

Wayne Starkey

Pilates & Barre Teacher

Wayne has been practicing and teaching Pilates for over ten years to people of all different backgrounds and levels of ability. He has a wealth of experience in the Pilates Method and teaches his classes from a place of friendliness, fun and genuine care for his student’s wellbeing. 

Wayne has studied many styles of Pilates including Stott and Fletcher and brings his  experience into his classes for all his students. He is experienced in both mat work and apparatus Pilates. 

Wayne has a life-long background in various disciplines such as Martial Arts, Circus, Dance and Yoga. He is also a Sports Massage and Manual Therapist helping his clients with pain-relief and rehabilitation. Additionally, he is a qualified postural alignment specialist in the Egoscue Method and Muscle-Balance-Function and a certified functional fitness trainer in TRX (suspension fitness), ViPR (loaded-movement training) and MOVNAT (natural human movement).

Wayne has previously competed at a national and international level representing Great Britain in Chinese Martial Arts and has won several gold medals and was the Official British Tai Chi Champion.

Rita Young

Rita Young

Pilates Teacher

Rita left behind her corporate career in Human Resources and Employment Law and embarked on a year long apprenticeship at the Fit From Within Pilates studio in 2016. During her apprenticeship, Rita participated, observed and assisted sessions with several teachers, learning various teaching styles and enhancing her knowledge of technique.  In parallel, Rita also completed an online course in Human Anatomy & Physiology and commenced teaching groups and private clients from June 2017. 

With clear instruction, a friendly and helpful personality, Rita draws upon her many years experience of teaching, training, counselling, mediation and problem solving from her 30 year corporate career and applies this to her Pilates teaching and within her client communication.  Rita brings a good mix of knowledge and compassion to the team with excellent organisational ability.  With a passion for Pilates, Rita continues to develop her knowledge and experience working with clients to achieve their personal goals.

In her spare time, Rita also enjoys practising yoga and taking her two dogs for regular countryside walks.

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