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We have a wide range of Pilates classes in St Albans to suit all people of all ages.  People come to class for all kinds of reasons, for some they want to improve their core strength, flexibility or muscle tone, for others it is to relieve aches and pains.  Whatever your reason is for wanting to attend, we have a class suitable for you.


post natal pilates

Are you a new mum?  As a new mum it is often difficult trying to find time to do anything nevermind exercise!  It can also be very isolating especially for first-time mums with a new baby.  At In the Log Cabin we have special Post Natal Pilates classes where you can come along for a class and bring your baby with you.  

pilates for pregnancy

Our Pilates for Pregnancy classes focus on delivering effective and safe Pilates exercise for pregnant women. These classes help mums-to-be to stay healthy and comfortable with their bodies through pregnancy and prepares the body for birth itself and the demands of early motherhood.

Pilates for horse riders

pilates for horse riders

If we look at the elite riders they all have excellent ear/hip/ankle alignment, core stability, flexibility and body awareness.  For some of these riders it comes naturally – lucky them! – but for the rest of us it takes effort to accomplish them and that is where Pilates for Horse Riders comes in very useful. 

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