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Pilates mat & equipment classes

In the Log Cabin is fully equipped with the large apparatus such as Reformers, so you no longer need to decide to go to a mat or a reformer class – here you get both! Mat without equipment is just a small part of Pilates, here at In the Log Cabin, you will get the full Pilates picture!

Pilates is a complete system of exercises which are designed to build strength and muscle tone, increase flexibility, balance and mobility. Impressive stuff! The mat work utilises our body weight and consists of a host of exercises suitable for beginners to more advanced practitioners.

Pilates Apparatus can look a little daunting at times – many times clients have commented on its resemblance to a torture chamber! However, don’t let this put you off! The apparatus is there to both support and challenge so it can take you smoothly from Pilates Beginner through to advanced.

The combination of Mat and Apparatus is second to none. The Pilates system was designed to include both mat and reformer practices. They were created to complement each other. Almost all exercises found on the apparatus can be found on the mat. You may not be able to execute a teaser on the reformer right away, but practicing on the mat or tower will build strength and confidence to help you achieve your goals.

The Mat & apparatus

All classes at In the Log Cabin make use of a wide array of Pilates Apparatus both large and small. Perhaps the most well known piece of equipment is the Reformer and you are likely to use this in every session. One of the lesser known pieces of equipment is the baby armchair. This is ideal for all of us who struggle with poor posture or tight shoulders.

We also have plenty of small equipment such as the foam rollers, exercise bands and balls. You will not be bored in our classes! And because we have many of the originally designed apparatus you will increase your strength quickly and benefit from the full Pilates system. Our classes are not to be confused with mat work only classes, our ones offer so much more both in variety of exercises and benefits to you.

How can a mat make any difference?! There are no flimsy mats at In the Log Cabin! We have the originally designed Pilates High Mats which are like a piece of equipment in themselves! They can assist with the mat work exercises as they have a strap at the end and handles at the other end. 

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