Client Testimonials

Below are some client testimonials about Clare and In the Log Cabin Pilates classes

I had been suffering from back trouble plus pain from a trapped nerve, but despite various treatments, referrals and even an emergency hospital admission, nothing was working. The pain was still getting worse when a physiotherapist suggested Pilates and I discovered In the Log Cabin Pilates. With Clare’s thoughtful, professional and ever cheerful approach, I’ve made more progress in two months than in the previous three years. I was also aware my posture and flexibility have been poor, and these too have improved significantly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare and her classes In the Log Cabin.

Andrew T

Since the birth of my second daughter, I had suffered with terrible lower back pain and severe sciatic pain. I had been seeing a chiropractor on and off for a year, which gave temporary relief for a day or so after each session. After a bad bout of sciatic pain my GP recommended Pilates as it could ease my symptoms.  My mum contacted Clare who arranged to see me that week.  On the first class she could see that I was unevenly aligned more so on my right hand side of my pelvis and shoulder which was contributing to pain.  After a few classes I really noticed the difference, I became very aware of my posture which allowed me to self reposition. Clare gave me a few exercises to do at home when I could feel my sciatic pain flareup.  I have been seeing Clare for four months and I am pleased to say, I am pain free and have not required any pain killers for a long time.  I am more toned in my stomach and arms and my back is much stronger. I would recommend Clare to any one who suffers from back pain as I feel the relief I have now is a real testament of her ability to work on the areas which need it.

Sheila R

Clare is a fantastic Pilates teacher. Thanks to her classes, I have improved my core strength, flexibility, balance and muscle tone more than I ever imagined. Her classes are relaxed, fun, varied and I always come away feeling as though I have rid myself of the stresses of the office. Thanks to her, I’m a more relaxed person and have a real sense of well-being; something that with the stresses and strains of modern life can be hard to maintain.  As a fellow horse-rider Clare also has a great eye in spotting any unbalances and weaknesses that could be impacting my effectiveness in the saddle.  She also genuinely takes a real interest in helping me improve my riding.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Clare’s Pilates classes to anyone.

Emilie C

I love Clare’s Pilates classes and the tranquility of the log cabin and have been a client from the day she opened those magical doors. I have recommended her to ‘present’ clients and will continue to do so. I find the bespoke nature of the small groups and the attention to detail Clare gives each person is invaluable for both body and mind. I struggled with Migraines and stress possibly due to the frantic home and high level commuting job I was juggling. The time I spend practising Pilates at the log cabin gives me strength, my Migraines and stress have reduced and my work life balance is now 100% better. Don’t hesitate, book your first session now, you have nothing to lose only amazing things to gain.

Suzanne S

I have been attending Clare’s pilates classes in the log cabin for the last couple of months and it is the highlight of my week!  To enjoy the luxury of some dedicated time stretching out tired limbs caused by a busy working week is a real treat.  Since attending Clare’s classes the back pain that I have suffered for a number of years has dramatically reduced.  I attribute this to the fact that the small class sizes and Clare’s attentive eye mean that the pilates techniques that we follow are much more accurate than you might get in larger classes so it feels like there is an immediate benefit to both posture awareness and core strength.  The warm welcome and friendly atmosphere also make the classes great fun.

Charlotte G

I have been going to Pilates In the Log Cabin for several years now and find the atmosphere relaxing and welcoming. Clare explains the breathing technique used for the exercises in a manner you can understand and adapts the lessons according to your needs.   I have Osteopenia and problems with my shoulders and neck and started pilates with one to one tuition and feel that I have definitely benefitted from going to the classes.

If you have never been to pilates and are a complete novice or experienced and would like to find a class in your area, I would definitely recommend trying In the Log Cabin.

Katina A

I started doing Pilates with Clare because I had suffered from neck and lower back problems for a number of years. Clare quickly analysed my posture and has tailored exercises within the small group sessions to strengthen those areas. I feel like a new woman! My core is now a lot stronger and that has alleviated much of my neck and back pain. Clare is superb at making sure everyone gets One-to-one attention within the session; ensuring that you gain maximum potential from each exercise. Clare has also helped my teenage daughter improve her dance technique by identifying areas that required extra attention and giving her specific exercises to improve her kicks and leaps. I have no hesitation in recommending Clare.

Julia B

Pilates classes with Clare in the log cabin are great.  I was surprised what a tranquil haven the log cabin is, beautifully tucked away and the small classes mean that Clare can make corrections to your position.  Clare’s lessons were really easy to understand, even for a novice like myself and she has a really nice way of teaching.  She could tell what I was doing long before I could!  Since I have been having lessons with Clare my back problems have become a thing of the past.

Richard G

Pilates in the log cabin is a friendly, enjoyable way to exercise.  Clare provides a relaxing atmosphere together with meticulous attention to detail.  As a riding instructor I have felt the benefits of pilates right from my first session, my shoulders and back have improved and my overall posture is better.

Helen H

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