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September pilates course

This 5 week introductory course is suitable for complete beginners or those who haven’t used the equipment before. The classes are a combination of Mat, Reformer and all the other apparatus that Pilates has to offer. We are sure you will love it!

See what some of our current clients say

My pain has dramatically reduced...

Since attending classes the back pain that I have suffered for a number of years has dramatically reduced.  I attribute this to the fact that the small class sizes mean that the pilates techniques that we follow are much more accurate than you might get in larger classes. There is an immediate benefit to both posture awareness and core strength.  The warm welcome and friendly atmosphere also make the classes great fun.

Amazing things to gain...

I find the bespoke nature of the small groups and the attention to detail each person gets is invaluable for both body and mind. The time I spend practising Pilates at the log cabin gives me strength, my Migraines and stress have reduced and my work life balance is now 100% better. Don’t hesitate, book your first session now, you have nothing to lose only amazing things to gain.

I have improved my core strength more than I ever imagined...

Clare is a fantastic Pilates teacher. Thanks to her classes, I have improved my core strength, flexibility, balance and muscle tone more than I ever imagined. Her classes are relaxed, fun, varied and I always come away feeling as though I have rid myself of the stresses of the office.

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