After a very tough year for everyone, we are very pleased to have this beautiful new studio to come back to. The previous studio was a lovely log cabin and it served its purpose well however, the new one is bigger and better in every sense! Well over twice the size of the last studio, it allows more space for clients and equipment. Our classes remain a maximum of four per class which means we can maintain social distancing at all times and be as Covid-19 safe as possible.

The studio is light, bright and airy and the perfect peaceful place to enjoy your Pilates classes.

Our equipment has been updated and we now have Legacy reformers which are as close as possible to those designed by Joseph Pilates. They may look the same as a regular reformer but they certainly work you harder! They provide a completely different experience and will improve your Pilates practice, allowing you to go deeper into the work. Your body will definitely thank you for it!

In addition, we have the Wunda Chair and the Baby Armchair. The baby chair is a truly exceptional piece of equipment, perfect for all of us who have tight, tense shoulders and necks.

We have a Ped-o-pul, also great for shoulders and provides a fabulous – and tough – workout. You will be super strong in no time with this!

We are also equipped with a wall tower cadillac, traditional raised mats, the ladder barrel, spine corrector and the many small pieces of equipment.